Need A Non-contentious Separation? Contact The Best Divorce Lawyers Glasgow!


Need a non-contentious separation? Contact the best divorce lawyers Glasgow!

Divorce and separation can be very difficult. The emotional impact alone can leave you drained, while the legal aspects seem daunting and confusing. Whether you have been married or part of a civil partnership, you must prove one of the following reasons as evidence for a divorce:


- Adultery

- Unreasonable behaviour

- Living apart for at least two years

- Separation for two years - with consent for a divorce

- Five years' separation

- consent for divorce is not required


Whatever the reason for the break-up, divorce lawyers in Glasgow can help you with your split sympathetically and professionally. Here at Rooney Family Law, we specialise in family law. Our dedicated team of family lawyers will deal with important issues such as child/children access and financial concerns. As we only offer family law services, our lawyers devote themselves entirely to minimising the trauma of divorce and separation.


Our services


The best divorce lawyers Glasgow residents can trust have many years of experience in addressing every aspect of family law. Rooney Family Law primarily offer three main services:


  1. Children - when children are involved during a divorce or separation, ensuring their best interests are paramount. Depending on the factors for your separation, it's important for both parties to remain focused on the children's well-being. This can be quite difficult, especially if there have been incidences of domestic violence. We can provide and discuss your options regarding access.


  1. Separation and finances - in our experience, compromise is key. There may be financial issues to discuss depending on what type of relationship you are in. These can differ significantly to your entitlement if you're married or cohabiting. As family lawyers, our goal is to ensure that all assets are distributed fairly.


  1. Protective orders - in some cases, protective orders also need to be ironed out. This could be due to mental or physical abuse to you or your children at the hands of your partner. Protective orders can take the form of indirect, power of arrest or non-harassment orders.


If you want to know more about your rights concerning divorce or separation, get in touch with Rooney Family Law today.


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